Monday, May 14, 2018

9 Liars Whose Pants Are On Fire

"It's not that bad!" 

"I'm fine" 

"Sorry, I didn't see your text"


We're all guilty of telling lies, but there are some things that lie to us on the regular — and, no, I'm not talking about the crappy boyfriend you had in freshman year... 

1. That online prom dress retailer 

The fabric on the right looks suspiciously like the upholstery on my grandmother's couch.

2. Pretty much any online retailer

Why you gotta play us like that, ASOS?!

3. This guy who pretty much sums up why it sucks being a tourist

I guess it's our fault for being so gullible. 

4. Your Fitbit, Apple watch or any other fitness tracker 

Are you telling me that 30-minute walk didn't actually burn off the Double Big Mac I had for lunch?!

5. Romantic comedies...

Let's be honest, is it actually completely normal to hate someone's guts before falling in love with them? Do all disagreements really end in passionate lovemaking? Oh yeah, and does every 25–40-year-old female work in fashion?

6. Instagram beauty tutorials

"A small eyeshadow brush works well to lightly line the under-eye with glitter..."

7. Subway

Talk about false advertising. I don't know how they expect me to "eat fresh" when I get something that looks like it's been sitting in a hot car for two days.

8. Your high school guidance counselor when they said freshman year of college would be the best time of your life 

We all know what it was actually like...

9. Your parents when they said college would get you a job

Four years and 80 grand later...


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