Sunday, May 20, 2018

Google Earth Takes A Photo Of A Giant Spider

Anyone who's been bored while researching maps has probably fooled around with Google Earth a little. After all, it offers us a view of the entire world and, as we all know, the world always has something strange going on. These oddities are out there just waiting to be discovered and a map of the whole world made from stitched-together satellite images seems like the perfect way to find them.

Indeed, we've talked about exactly what curious Google Earth users have found while combing through the world's surface, but lately, there's been a lot of buzz about a new, bizarre discovery.

At least, that's what it appears to be. Let's just say there's a lot about this picture of a "bus-sized spider" that's shrouded in mystery.

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Last week, a YouTuber named MexicoGeek posted a video of this strange sight.

This was supposedly found on an island off the coast of Mexico.

MexicoGeek called it a giant insect,

yet others counted the legs and said it looked more like a spider or a crab.

In any case, it certainly looks big.

When this was shared on UFO Sightings Daily, the blog's owner figured the creature was big enough to devour an entire person.

There's just one little problem with all this buzz.

Aside from the question of what giant spiders have to do with UFOs and aliens, of course.

Nobody who claimed to see this spider has released any coordinates.

Normally, you would jot down the coordinates shown on Google Earth when you find something like this. 

The fact that nobody did this led many to think that either MexicoGeek or someone before him doctored the video to make it look like a giant spider was appearing on Google Earth.

Even if the video is real, there's likely more going on than meets the eye.

There's a phenomenon called pareidolia in which our brain makes us see familiar patterns where none actually exist. This phenomenon is why we look at this house and see a face with half-open eyes rather than just oddly-covered windows.

So if it's not a spider or crab, what is it?

It's hard to say, but some suggest it could be simple staining or a buildup of algae on one of the rocks.

Another theory states that we could be looking at a cave opening.

Honestly, that's a much cooler idea. Forget a giant spider, how about a whole spider cave?

Personally, if this turns out to be a hoax, I'm going to be pretty disappointed. You can't just get our hopes up about spider caves and take that away.

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