Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Nail Art That Deserves A Blue Ribbon

Blue is the unofficial color of summer. Blue skies, clear water and summer blueberries are just some of the luscious greatness that the season provides. Get into the spirit with bright, bold nails in every shade of blue. Paint 'em up now before autumn kicks in and your blue nails are as outdated as ombré hair. 

1. Simple turquoise–bonus points if you match it to a ring. 

2. Up the glamour factor with glitter. 

3. Add in one sparkling statement nail. 

4. Or add a pattern without the glitter.

5. Get even fancier with ombré nails. 

6. Or do your ombré this way for a twist. 

7. There is no rule that you have to keep them in order. 

8. Go glitter ombré for a mermaid-like look.

9. Stripes are a classic bit of nail art that almost anyone can do. 

10. Pixelate your mani with a few digital looking stripes.

11. Water-inspired nails are a perfect summer look. 

12. Go full beach-themed for a vacation manicure. 

13. Taking a cruise? Draw up a lifebuoy in blue and red. 

14. Blue provides a perfect backdrop to daisy themed nails.

15. But you can always keep it simple with chevrons. 

16. Then again you could go crazy with this glam pattern.

17. Or make detailed roses. 

18. Royal blue and silver give you a regal looking manicure. 

19. Turquoise is a perfect comic companion. 


Author: verified_user