Friday, May 18, 2018

People Are Seriously Cringing Over The Trailer For Brie Larson's Latest Movie

The trailer for Brie Larson's latest movie has a lot of people cringing hard, and we can see why. 

Basmati Blues(ugh, what were they thinking with that title?) follows Larson's character, a scientist, as she travels to India to sell a new type of rice to farmers. 

The trailer features a ton of stereotypes about Indian culture that quickly rubbed viewers the wrong way. Some even accused the film of employing the "white savior trope" so often used by Hollywood to tell stories about people of color.  

In one scene, Larson fans her face dramatically after eating spicy food and in another, she embarrasses herself after some locals teach her a fake traditional greeting. 

And of course, she participates in a colorful dance number. 

To make matters worse, it looks like the plot revolves around how Larson's character saves the entire village from an evil corporation. 

I mean, the tagline in the trailer is literally "one woman will fight for justice." 

Movies about white people swooping in and saving seemingly helpless people of color are nothing new in Hollywood, but that didn't stop people from rolling their eyes into oblivion. 

Many fans pointed out that the film is pretty off-brand for Larson, who is known for her activism. 

According to The Guardian, Basmati Blueswas actually filmed in 2012 before Larson's big break. 

Still, we are pretty sure this isn't okay by 2013 standards, either. 

The filmmakers behind the movie, Monique Caulfield and Danny Baron, responded to the criticism by saying the trailer is not "representative of the movie." 

"This movie is not about an American going abroad to solve India’s problems. At its heart, this film is about two people who reach across cultures, fight against corporate greed, and find love." 

If it's truly as cringe-inducing as the trailer makes it seem then it'll be a rare misstep from Brie Larson, but I guess we will have to wait until it's officially released to find out. 

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