Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Phoebe Buffay From 'Friends' Was Supposed To Have A Very Different Ending

I think everyone's lives changed for the better now that Friends is on Netflix! Super easy access to Friends 24/7? I'll take it. After watching all 10 seasons over and over again, I think my favorite "friend" has changed! I used to be all about Chandler but now my favorite is Phoebe! She was quirky, goofy and seemed to be the only one with friends outside of the group! Her relationship with Mike was also very adorable and sweet. I still tear up thinking about the wedding episode! But even though they were the perfect couple, did you know that they weren't supposed to end up together? The writers and producers had very different plans for who Phoebe would end up with! 

When people ask if I have friends, I just say, "Yeah, sure I do." And then I just start talking about Ross, Chandler, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey. 


There was something so comforting about watching these six people navigate life in the coolest city in the world! 

Also, Monica's apartment was to die for. I'm still so jealous of it! 

Everyone has a favorite character or a favorite couple from the show! Mine was definitely Phoebe and Mike! 

Everybody always says they root for Ross and Rachel but their relationship always had drama. It was toxic! The only other acceptable answer for best couple is Monica/Chandler!

Even though they were the perfect couple (take that, Ross and Rachel!), they weren't actually supposed to end up together! 

Phoebe and Mike were soulmates. They had a beautiful wedding but that wedding was never supposed to take place because Phoebe wasn't meant to end up with Mike!

The writers and producers initially meant for Phoebe to end up with David, the scientist!

Remember David? They dated until David had to leave her to go to Minsk for research. 

He left Minsk and tried to win Phoebe back. He even proposed to her! 

Hank Azaria, who played David, just revealed why the writers changed their minds last minute and had Phoebe marry Mike instead!

Hank said that the plan was always to bring David back in the end! 

But apparently, everyone just fell in love with Paul Rudd aka Mike that they changed Phoebe's storyline!

I mean, how could you not? PAUL RUDD IS THE BEST. 

Also, it's clear that Mike is Phoebe's lobster! 

Hank said that it stung when he realized Phoebe wouldn't end up with David. 

He said that there's a part of him that feels like he's David in real life so he felt like the break up actually happened to him! 

But he said that Mike is most deserving of Phoebe's love if David can't be with her! 

Mike is lucky to be Mr. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock and she's lucky to be Mrs. Crap Bag!

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