Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Real-Life Barbie Has No Regrets After Spending $500K On Plastic Surgery And Botox

Childhood dreams don't always make sense when we grow older. We all remember a time when we wanted to invent a new meal or spend our lives exploring for buried treasure. But those dreams also have their own insistence, a dull roar that follows us through adulthood. Maybe we'll never dig in the sand for pirate treasure, but we might retire to a sunny tropical paradise one day. 
Some people feel those dreams more keenly than others, of course. They can't ignore the prodding of their aspirations and feel compelled to follow them. And they'll do just about anything to make their dreams come true...

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Nannette Hammond's life really puts the "plastic" in "plastic surgery."

The mother of five from Cincinnati has taken a childhood obsession with Barbie to incredible lengths to turn herself into the living embodiment of the classic doll.

Nannette has spent 20 years and more than $500,000 on surgeries and treatments to give her the perfect Barbie look.

And her commitment to being Barbie has helped her become an Instagram star with more than 64,000 followers.

She and her husband, businessman David, and their five kids share a ten-bedroom house and document their lives for their followers on social media.

Nannette has always loved Barbie. When she was young, she owned more than 50 of the dolls.

We've been told for a long time that kids would look to Barbie as an ideal image, but few would have guessed how far some girls would take it.

So what did it take to transform Nannette into a real-life Barbie?

Nannette had her first breast enlargement when she was just 21 years old.

She has since had another, taking her bust size up to a 28H. "I was flat-chested and I never felt confident. I was always insecure, and I said to myself one day, 'You know what, I'm going to get this done.'"

She gets Botox injections and filler, collagen, gets her lashes done. She regularly tans to maintain her look.

"I love plastic surgery," she says.

And on her Instagram feed, she's happy to show off the figure she has spent so much time and money on with racy pics.

Funny, I don't remember that Barbie playset.

Nannette was also featured on an episode of The Doctors that focused largely on her psychological health and the dangers of things like tanning and being underweight.

Maintaining an 18-inch waist can't be easy. And neither is the negative attention her appearance sometimes attracts...

Nannette has had to shield her kids from some of the nasty comments directed towards her on social media from rude people.

"I feel for my kids because they see this and they're not used to it," she says. "I try to tell them that people can be nasty in life, and negative and rude, and we just have to be the better people and move on and not let it affect us." 

It's been a long, 20+ year journey for Nannette.

Her brunette roots are long behind her. As you can see, her transformation has been thorough.

And she's grateful for the life she's been able to live.

"I'm blessed," she says. "My kids are healthy, my husband treats me like a princess every day...it's better than Barbie."

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