Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Teen Given Detention For Inappropriate Jeans And Sweatshirt

There's an endless debate over school uniforms and school appropriate attire. Students and parents have been at war with school districts, teachers, and principles over what should be allowed in schools and whether or not clothing can be a distraction.

When I was in high school, I had to wear a uniform.

If I wore a scarf or was caught wearing a non-uniform sweater from one room to the next, I could get written up and potentially suspended.

These days, students who don't wear uniforms but do have clothing guidelines deal with almost immediate suspension and are sent home to change if they wear something deemed inappropriate.

From teens being in trouble for not wearing a bra to girls showing their shoulders too much, it seems like schools are more concerned with what girls wear over their education.

Once again a female teen has been punished for her outfit.

She was given after school detention for excessive midriff, but was the school overreacting or was she really being inappropriate?

A girl named Hailey was given an after school detention for “excessive midriff” for wearing this outfit.

Her friend Emily shared the pictures on Twitter to express their outrage and show just how "distracting" her clothing was.

"@itsleeeeeee has an after school detention for “excessive midriff” in this outfit. It’s almost like we didn’t have a meeting with @LTHSPrincipal to change the issue of girls constantly being shamed & taken out of class for their normal outfits?"

A male classmate was the one who complained that Hailey was showing too much cleavage in her outfit.

As you can see though...her sweater covers her chest completely.

This incident has actually fueled Hailey's determination for her post-secondary goals.

She plans to go to college in NYC for political science and women and gender studies.

People from the public and those who used to attend the school were appalled at the reaction Hailey's outfit got.

This person shares the opinion that incidents like this promotes body shaming.

People from outside the school can even see how damaging this attitude towards women and their clothing can be.

It has sparked embarrassment from men and women alike for how things were handled.

This person brought up the point that education is being held at a lower value than what its students wear.

Not everyone agrees, and some think the school has the right to make this decisions. 

Do you think Hailey's outfit was inappropriate and that the school did the right thing?

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