Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Deleted Scenes That Explain Famous Movie Plot Holes


The worst part of telling a story is forgetting something that'd make the story resonate.

The truth is that even movies slip up and make editing errors to make the plot of films confusing.

That happens ALL. THE. TIME.

Oh, I hear you: "You're only talking about small movies." But nope. These are massive movies that have slipped up leaving plot holes that gave the film SO MUCH CONTEXT. Such as...

1. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones somehow knows to close his eyes to not have his body melt into a puddle.

DELETED SCENE: Indy and Salah actually learned about the whole eye-closing deal from an imam.

They are supposed to go to the imam to get the Staff Of Ra translated. He warns Indy not only to avoid touching it but to keep your eyes closed if it's open.

2. Ferris Bueller was a beast because he didn't care about the rules and had one of the most epic days off in movie history. But how the heck did he afford all his antics?

Ferris Bueller's Day Off was a classic because he seemed to have an endless amount of money.

DELETED SCENE: Turns out he stole one of his dad's bonds and cashed it in to buy what his dashing smile couldn't.

But it made Ferris look like a thief, so they took it out.

3. In X-Men, right before she electrocutes Toad, she asks, "Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning?"

"The same thing that happens to everything else." Wait, what? That one line that was panned by fans because of how corny and stupid it is.

DELETED SCENE(s): Turns out that Toad was supposed to have a running joke where he'd always ask, "Do you know what happens to a toad when ___________________?"

Storm's line would have been a payoff to hear him throw it back.

4. Back To The Futurehad a scene where Marty inexplicably had a hair dryer when he got into the DeLorean.

DELETED SCENE: Turns out that Doc Brown had left a suitcase in the car before Marty was forced to take the car into 1955.

His past self even rummages through it.

5. Independence Day ends with Jeff Goldblum's character sending up a virus to the aliens' mothership with a PowerBook and screws with the circuitry. Wait, why?

Because they said so.

DELETED SCENE: Turns out that Jeff Goldblum was able to use the tech from the Roswell crashed ship to code a virus that would match up with aliens' technology.

6. In Happy Gilmore, Ben Stiller's character never gets his comeuppance for treating Happy's grandmother so badly. 

DELETED SCENE: Turns out that Happy went back to the nursing house and throws Stiller's character out of a window.

7. In Lion King, isn't it kinda weird that Nala randomly bumps into Simba in the jungle? She says that there's no more food in the Pride Lands.

DELETED SCENE: Turns out that Scar goes all megalomaniac and tries to seduce Nala...

There was even a song that was supposed to give Scar a second song in the movie.

8. Blade Runner ends with Rick Deckard finding a silver unicorn and being thrilled about it.

Why is he so happy?

DELETED SCENE: Decker dreamed about a unicorn running through a forest.

It was there because Garth planted it there because he saw Decker's dream — heavily implying that he was an android.


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