Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Flyboard Air Is The Fastest, Highest-Flying, Autonomous Hoverboard Ever Created

We've seen tons of different attempts to perfect the hover jet pack. Kudos to the brave souls who tried out these prototypes, it often didn't end well. Humans won't stop, though. 

We need to be able to fly at the beach, and we aren't going to stop until we have that. Well, it may just be here, everyone!

For example, here is a reporter who gave one a test ride a handful of years back...

Enter the Flyboard Air. This incredible new hoverboard is the first to fly on its own and is hitting speeds that other versions haven't. Other models were burdened by a hefty mechanical unit that was always attached to you via the water. The Flyboard can reach speeds over 30 mph and can reach 10,000 ft., according to Zapata Racing, the makers of the product. The video speaks for itself!
You need to see the landing at the end. Insane.

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