Sunday, May 20, 2018

The World Wants Adorable Asher To Be The New Face Of OshKosh

Everyone knows that OshKosh gives a deal to a lucky little kid to be the face of their baby products. Parents from around the country submit their children's photos for a chance to get a deal with the famous company. 

When one Georgia mother submitted her son Asher's pictures to a modeling agency, the agency rejected him for the most heartbreaking reason. After Asher's mother was left shocked by the response to her child's photos, she took to the internet to tell everyone what had happened. 

The enormous amount of support little Asher received after this message spread has been quite inspiring. 

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Meet Asher Carter, quite arguably the cutest kid that has ever existed in the history of kids. 

Asher's mother, 27-year-old Meagan Richter Nash, tried to submit his photos for a deal with OshKosh. She submitted photos that she had taken at a local studio in Buford, Georgia of her adorable son, but unfortunately, her son was deemed ineligible for a deal because a modeling agency wasn't looking for a child with special needs.

Fifteen-month-old Asher Nash has Down syndrome. 

When Meagan heard from the modeling agency that special needs children were not going to be submitted to OshKosh, she was quite shocked. 

After she posted a picture to the Changing The Face of Beauty Facebook page describing what had happened, people took notice. Shortly after, the Facebook page Kids with Down Syndrome also posted the picture. 

At this point, Asher's picture has been shared over 150,000 times! 

Meagan wanted to make it very clear that it wasn't OshKosh that denied her son.

On the Kids with Down Syndrome post, she commented saying, "I just wanted to make sure everyone knew Oshkosh didn't turn him down , a talent agency said they didn't submit him because a specific brand didn't say they needed a kid with special needs."

She explained to CBS News what she really wants at the end of the day.

“I would love for OshKosh to meet my son and see what we see in him,” she said, adding that, "I don’t want them to use him because of this fuss we are making on the Internet; I want them to use him because they value him and see how much he could contribute to their advertisement."

What happened next will bring joy to your heart!

Apparently, OshKosh has responded to the outcry of support for Asher and is planning on meeting with the family one on one. 

As you can see, Asher is totally celebrating this win.

Here's the little guy taking a little break to taste some icing. 

He's a real natural in front of the camera!

Asher doesn't seem to mind the mess one bit. 

Of course there are more! 

Such an expressive little guy, right?

Recently, the Down Syndrome Association of Atlanta put on a buddy walk to show support for Asher. Incredible!

What do you think? Should Asher be the new face of OshKosh B'Gosh?

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h/t CBS News | ABC 10


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