Monday, May 14, 2018

This Artist Uses Her Nails As Mini Canvases

I've always loved anything to do with art and basically anything to do with nails. So when I discovered two girls who thrive on combining these two spectacular subjects, I was pretty much overjoyed. 

Holland-based sisters Marlein and Annelie van Alphen (@creatinails), have mastered the art of the manicure. The sisters create gorgeous, lifelike masterpieces on the tiny surfaces of their nail beds. Their work is seriously impressive and has me pretty bored of my current, plain nail look. 

Ready to be blown away by some serious talent? Keep on scrolling for 16 nail designs that belong in a museum. 

1. Ahoy matey! This Captain Jack Sparrow-inspired manicure bears such a striking resemblance to Johnny Depp.

2. I cannot get over how similar these nail designs are to Van Gogh's famous painting, Starry Night. Look at that swirl action! 

3. Princess Jasmine has come to life in this glittery gold and mint green manicure. Who wouldn't love a Disney princess mani?!

4. This nail design of a phoenix rising from the ashes is seriously mindblowing. I love the ombré effect.

5. How cute is this Puss in Boots nail design? You can definitely see the sad look in his big eyes. 

6. Okay, whoa. These pirate treasure map nails are something else. I love how she made the edges look burnt and worn. 

7. This wintery manicure is so adorable. The happy little penguin and snowy background are definitely putting me in the holiday spirit.

8. This Maleficent-inspired manicure is so dramatic. Her piercing gaze would definitely be Angelina Jolie-approved. 

9. I was obsessed with Pocahontasas a kid, so this manicure got me way too excited. The tiny leaf accents are so pretty!

10. This is certainly an impressive manicure. I love how she stretched out this Lamborghini design to span across four nails! 

11. This Grumpy Cat manicure instantly put a smile on my face. The detail in his fur and whiskers is insane

12. This Caracal cat manicure looks like it jumped right out of the wild. I love the soft, nature-inspired designs here. 

13. It's Rapunzel from Tangled! I love how she looks like she's peeking out from behind the pinky nail. 

14. This Cheshire Cat design is super spooky. The dark, forest-inspired nails are seriously eerie! 

15. Rainbow Fish was one of my favorite books growing up. This glittery manicure is just way too good. 

16. Paint ALL the nails! What could be more fun than a manicure inspired by a popular meme? Basically nothing. 


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