Wednesday, May 30, 2018

This Company Creates Custom Barbies With Nicer Hair Than All Of Us

Some artists use paint and canvas as their mediums of choice. But for Rafinha Silva, creator of The Royal Dolls, he makes insanely realistic art using Barbies. 

Rafinha uses different parts of different Barbies to create custom dolls for his clients. From their made-up faces to their chic outfits to their insanely gorgeous hair, Rafinha's dolls are giving our '90s Barbies a serious run for their money. 

This custom beauty is named "Dadi," and has the trendiest silver-blonde hair ever.

Looking for hair inspiration? Well, look no further than this candy-colored 'do on "Conka." 

Want a doll with shining, pastel, unicorn-inspired hair? Rafinha can make it happen. 

Rafinha even makes dolls modeled after your favorite Disney characters. Check out Snow White's luscious locks! 

These caramel-colored curls and her striking green eyes are giving me life.

Boho Barbie looks gorgeous with her rainbow-colored locks and dreamy flower crown.

Click here to check out more of Rafinha's beautiful creations! 

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