Thursday, May 3, 2018

This Is How Prince George Will Look At 60


Scientists at the University of Bradford have predicted what Prince George will look like at 60 … and it’s strangely similar to Liam Neeson.

The research was led by Hassan Ugail, a professor of Visual Computing at the university, who claims the results are 80 percent accurate. Ugail and a team of scientists used an algorithm to combine facial features and heredity data to predict future features of the royal baby. They determined what he would look like at ages 7, 20, 40 and 60.

The internet is buzzing about what the famous toddler will potentially look like as he ages, with many people noticing similarities between Prince George's appearance at age 60 and Takenactor Liam Neeson. And University of Bradford researchers aren’t the only ones looking to the future — the toddler who turned two on July 22 made headlines this summer after telling people he was already three.

What scientists think Prince George will look like at age 7: 

What he could look like at age 20:

Ugail told Reuters that to create the images, they used specific facial features and “natural age progression” to determine future appearance. 

"Very simple things like nose length is quite unique for that person, so we look at nose length, the width of the nose, the distance between eyes. So these are facial features that the computer recognizes as the person. So we take these - roughly 30 to 40 facial features we take from the face - and we use these facial features; we map it into the machine and then we produce the age."

Age 40:

In the future, the team hopes to use the technology to find missing children, claiming it’s more accurate than current technology used by police. Ugail said:

"We can actually look at a child's pictures, we can incorporate all the pictures available, we can also add information from parents, parental facial features, grandparental facial features if available and also other relatives in the family. So we can take all that information so the accuracy that we can predict would be much, much better compared to the current existing technology."

Prince William at age 60 looks a lot like Liam Neeson:

It isn’t rare for the two-year-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to be the talk of the town, regularly appearing on magazine covers and causing “The George Effect" by clearing stores of a garment shortly after he’s seen wearing it.

Whether or not he’ll age as the scientists predict ... maybe ask Liam Neeson what his baby photos looked like?

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