Thursday, May 24, 2018

When He Tries To Shame A Woman At The Gym, The Internet Steps In!

Let me put this as nicely as possible: 

People who try to crush self-esteem suck! 

And people who make fun of others who are motivated to better their lives suck even more! 

Think I'm being too harsh? Well, we live in a harsh world! We live in a world where women feel uncomfortable to work out in gyms because of the stares, glares, and comments coming their way. We live in a world where body shaming and posting rude, revealing videos of others online is somehow seen as funny...

Except it's not, okay? It's really not.

And while some people still don't seem to get it, the all mighty internet just might. Let's take a look...

This super unfunny guy was working on his selfie game at the gym when he spotted a young blonde woman working out behind him. 

She was doing a version of Jefferson squats. Sure, her technique wasn't totally on point...but who cares?! She's doing her thing. 

This is the starting stance for proper Jefferson squats: 

He decided to film the woman and blast her online for basically being a complete idiot...which she's not.

Worldstar Hip Hop posted the video to their page with the caption: "What Muscle Group Is She Working On?"

What this guy didn't realize: while a few trolls can always be found in the depths of the net, the Internet as a whole has so had enough of cheap shots taken against women. 

They're over it, okay? Of the over 62,000 comments, most of them are coming to the defense of this young woman who only wanted to work on her fitness. 

Of all the comments coming back at this guy, this one is by far the best: 


However, there were so many gems in this thread, it'd be shame to leave you with just that. Many people spoke out about how...

...he should have helped her instead of bashed her online. What do you think? 

Other people decided to educate the young man and send some support the woman's way. 

These are the kinds of comments that restore faith in humanity after a silly boy posts a video in attempt to shame a motivated woman. 

Thoughts? Let me know in the COMMENTS! 

Main and collage image via Facebook / Worldstar Hip Hop


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