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Why Tom Cruise Hasn't Seen Suri In Years

Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise has been making the headlines lately. It's been said that Tom has gone a VERY long time without seeing his daughter, Suri. We're talking hundreds of days long time. We got to the bottom of why this is happening.  With excuses ranging from a busy work schedule, to the Church of Scientology standing in the way, here's exactly what's been going on! 

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It's been more than ten years since Tom Cruise announced his love to Katie Holmes so famously on Oprah. A lot has changed since that day. 

2006 was a busy year for TomKat as they welcomed their daughter Suri into the world. They also got married in a Scientology ceremony. 

In 2012, the famous couple divorced. Now it's been said that Tom hasn't seen his daughter in YEARS. We've got the dirt on why:

Tom doesn't go out of his way. It's been reported that Tom has been in VERY close proximity to Suri, but doesn't bother to go see her. 

Tom has had over half a dozen films to focus on since 2012. Being this busy means missing Suri's birthday – for the third year in a row. 

After Katie sent Tom packing, it meant he had a nasty custody arrangement to deal with. He's only allowed to see his daughter if he follows certain guidelines, which have been made private to the public.

It's widely known that Cruise is an advocate for the Church of Scientology. Because of this, Katie wanted to protect Suri, so she divorced Tom. This plays into why Tom has not seen Suri in so long.

Major rumors are swirling around the relationship between Katie and Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The thing is, Jamie and Tom were close friends, which may make visits kind of awkward. 

Ultimately, we have no real evidence that Tom is or isn't seeing Suri in private. 

Tom admits that although it's not a good parenting substitute, he does have phone conversations with Suri, which is at least something. 

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