Monday, May 14, 2018

WWE's The Undertaker Is Unrecognizable These Days


No one has given more the professional wrestling and the WWE than the original Deadman himself, The Undertaker.

He's been professionally wrestling since the late '80s and has been the longest-standing member of the WWE roster, having signed on in 1990. The Undertaker has been a feared constant of professional wrestling for as long as many fans can remember. Which makes it even more surprising to see what he looks like these days.

Back in his early days, the Undertaker was still not known for bright colors like other wrestling stars, and was always seen with his manager, Paul Bearer.

It's a really good look you've got going on there guys.

The Undertaker's long-time gimmick has been that he is literally dead and has ties to the supernatural. Which is equal parts absurd and awesome.

And sometimes he had more purple. Because why not, it was the '90s.

Undertaker wowed us all throughout the years with his incredible feats of strength and powerful moves like his famous Choke Slam and the Tombstone Piledriver.

Less known for high-flying antics, but I'm not complaining – he can suplex with the best of them.

But perhaps what he's most known for is his intimidating presence and the sense of terror he brought with him into the ring. When those bells tolled, you knew it was going down.

The man knows how to set the mood, lemme tell ya.

Over the years, The Undertaker's look has drastically changed, I mean, he has been in the game for over 25 years now.

His hairline is certainly evidence of that.

And he's teamed up with and faced off against the best the industry has to offer. From champions to jobbers, there are none who The Undertaker wouldn't face.

Like Kane here, his half-brother teammate and long time rival as the Brothers of Destruction.

But one thing has remained constant throughout his long and illustrious career in wrestling: his absolute dedication to the art and to his fans.

The man has been called the world's greatest sportsman by many sources.

Though these days, that dedication seems to be taking its toll on the 51 year old.

A man can only handle so much before it starts to have a cost.

This is Mark Calaway now, the man behind The Undertaker. Between recent concussions and a lifetime of wrestling, he's not at the top of his game these days.

Here the man looks like a shadow of his former self.

Between lengthy breaks from wrestling, being unable to perform like he used to, and no longer dyeing his hair for a time, he looks nothing like the man we're used to.

He's given so much to the sport, it's a shame to see it taking so much from him.

Though recent pictures from his wife's Instagram show him looking like his old self again, it really makes you wonder if he should call it quits or not. I don't think anyone would begrudge him leaving with his head held high, because he is truly one of the greats.

26 years is quite the career in a field as intense and demanding as professional wrestling.

All I know is that he will always be remembered for the years of intimidation, presence, and showmanship he brought to the WWE. The Undertaker truly changed and shaped the industry, and there will never be another like him.

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