Sunday, June 3, 2018

10 Shows You Used To Watch That You Probably Forgot About

There are some shows that we can't get enough of, and the fanbase is sometimes so strong that the show can even get rebooted. That happened to Will & Grace and Gilmore Girls recently, and it's glorious. 

Not every TV show can have that good of a reputation and leave a mark on people's lives, though. In a world where there are hundreds of TV shows on television, it's easy to watch something and forget about it the next day. Sure, the show might not necessarily be bad, but it might not have left a mark, either. 

You might feel that way when it comes to these 10 TV shows, so let's refresh our memory and take a look at the shows that had little to no impact on our lives.

There's a reason why nobody wants them to get rebooted!

1. Caitlin's Way

Any teen could relate to the angsty and troubled Caitlin. She went through a lot! Her mother passed away when she was eight, and she has to adjust to a big move. Imagine moving from Philadelphia to Montana? Now that is a big change! Let's cut Caitlin and this show some slack. 

2. The Famous Jett Jackson

This show was basically a show within a show! Jett Jackson plays a teenage secret agent on a fictional TV show. He was kind of like Hannah Montana, but everyone knew he was a big-time celebrity! 

3. Sabrina: The Animated Series

This show was released after the live-action series, and it just wasn't as good. Honestly, the best thing about the show was everyone's favorite cat, Salem Saberhagen. He was voiced by Nick Bakay, who also voiced Salem in the live-action TV series. He's hilarious! 

Also, did anyone else think that Hilda Spellman looked like Victoria Beckham when she was Posh from the Spice Girls?

The resemblance is uncanny! That haircut and bodycon dress are everything.

4. The Babysitter's Club

If you didn't read the Babysitter's Club series, what were you doing with your life?

They had a 1990 TV series based on the books, and what a great way to learn some babysitting tricks! What teenager didn't want to become a babysitter? 

5. Mary-Kate And Ashley In Action!

As if we couldn't get enough of the Olsen twins! Just another show to add to their already long filmography. Too bad this one wasn't as good as So Little Time and Two of a Kind. 

The only way to tell the two apart on the show was from their hair. Mary-Kate had the wavy hair, and Ashley had the straight hair...or was it the other way around? 

6. Sweet Valley High 

Ah, another book series that was adapted into a TV show. It ran for three years, and it was canceled in its fourth season due to low ratings. Kinda sad that the show could not compete with the book series. The books were unforgettable, but the TV series was not. 

One fun fact about the show is that Jessica and Elizabeth were played by actual twins, Brittany and Cynthia Daniel. You learn something new every day. 

7. Clueless

What came first, the movie or the show? Surprisingly, it was the movie.

Stacey Dash, Elisa Donovan, Donald Faison, and many others from the film reprised their roles for the TV show. But the most important person from the film was missing, which is probably why the show was so forgettable.

Rachel Blanchard played the role of Cher, and even though she looked and kind of sounded like Alicia Silverstone, nobody can play Cher on point like Alicia. 

Bring justice to Cher Horowitz!

8. California Dreams

This show is so forgettable! This show was about a bunch of popular teenagers who formed a rock band. Even though they dealt with real-life problems like racism, divorce, and other teenage issues, it was not memorable at all. It was kind of like a knockoff version of Saved By The Bell. 

9. Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist

Okay, but what was this show even about? Dr. Katz was a therapist to the stars, but he was just so boring! The only thing people probably remember about this show is that the animation was really wonky. The characters did not stop moving. Probably gave a lot of people motion sickness.

10. Breaker High

You might have forgotten about this show because it only lasted one year. Hard to believe that such an amazing actor like Ryan Gosling was on something so boring. I guess it's fun to go back and watch young Ryan! 

Do you have a favorite show on this list? Commentand let us know! 


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