Sunday, June 10, 2018

14 Funny Ways People Apologize

I'm a Canadian, which means I am an expert in saying sorry for the most ridiculous things. 

Walking through a door at the same time as someone else? Don't say, "after you!" Just apologize profusely as you both try and squeeze through a 32" doorway at the same time. Apologize too much? Apologize for that! Beat Americans, Russian and Swedes in hockey? Apolo- just kidding. That's the one thing we don't apologize about. Never will, either.

But if you DO want (or downright NEED) to apologize, there are some cool examples in this article for you to share with your comrades. Enjoy.

1. Most Canadian thing ever.

2. Hey, you catch a mouse with your bare hands and you'd wanna show people, too. Not an easy task.

3. In Britain, you apologize for existing.

4. Other cultures go way out of their way to apologize. Take the Japanese for example:

5. Bacon builds bridges.

6. Damn! Lucky ATM.

7. He mumbled under his breath.

8. This could have gone way worse.

9. Never apologize for being funny. The British of all people should know this.

10. What a bizarre thing to apologize for...

11. Never appease your enemies with empty apologies. 

12. I told you, bacon heals all.

13. Been there.

14. If I baked a cake for every time I almost got arrested...well...I'd have baked a lot of cakes by now, I guess.


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