Saturday, June 9, 2018

14 Shower Thoughts We've Had About Batman


Let me preface this whole article by saying that Batman is the greatest.

I love him more than my own father. Forget that guy!

Anyway, Batman rightfully kicked Superman's ridiculously overpowered butt.

But having said all that, I did have some thoughts as I was lathering up in the shower this morning...

Hat tip to the r/Showerthoughts sub-Reddit.

1. "Even if Batman's parents were still alive he would probably still be raised by Alfred."

Fruitchicken, you never know, they could have been great parents!

2. "Batman is a 1 percent-er beating up the mentally ill."

Wait, delitomatoes is right – most of his Rogue's gallery lives in Arkham Asylum.

3. "The kind of police force that honestly can't figure out if Bruce Wayne is Batman, probably serves the type of city that needs Batman."

TerdVader, that's kinda mean to them. 

4. "Batman only fights crime at night because otherwise he would have weird and obvious tan lines."

Krutzfeldt1, Batman could be a spray tan man.

5. "There's a little under 500 billionaires on this planet and not a single one of those losers has decided to become Batman."

 Scotb6, please tweet at one of them and report back...

6. "A Batman movie from the point of view of a random street gang would probably be a lot like the film Predator."

Getting that POV in movie form could have been Suicide Squad, right, come-on-now-please?

7. "If Batman's main power is to instill fear, he's basically a terrorist."

That's a bit of a depressing thought, poofbird.


8. "Seeing as how both Batman and Ironman's only real super powers are that they are super rich and very smart, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sure turned out to be disappointments."

ImmaculateJones makes a good point.

9. "When Alfred sees Batman kicking ass on the news, does he ever think, 'I changed this guy's diaper once'?"

I'm sure he's given it some thought, ta_rek.

10. "If I were a villain in Gotham, I'd wait until someone lit the bat signal, then blow up the top of Gotham PD since that's where Batman is guaranteed to be."

Yeah, that makes perfect sense, hypercyberdyne.

11. "Batman still lives at home in his parents basement."

Dolanduck1, sounds like Batman and I are basically the same.

12. "If Batman invested the $682,450,750 it costs to be Batman into community programs to stop crime, there would be no need for Batman."

Yeah, but then there'd be no Batman, glassbottomboat42.

13. "If Batman was to get naked, would he be naked Batman, or just Bruce Wayne?"

That's a bit of a noodle-scartcher, cremebru-laid.

14. "After doing group projects in school, I get why Batman works alone."

He hates Justice League, nickbot123.

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