Tuesday, June 26, 2018

15 Beautiful Sacred Spaces With The Most Modern Architecture

One thing that hasn't faltered throughout history is that places of worship are always enthralling and immersive sights to see. No matter their size or grandeur, it's the purpose these places serve that adds an element of intrigue unmatched by other architectural sites. 

Another facet to the compelling nature of sacred places is when they've taken a step into modernity and look like an otherworldly, futuristic version of something you know is a tale as old as time. I mean, we so closely associate these structures with the old-fashioned and traditional that, when presented with a modern incarnation, awe increases tenfold. 

So, after that lengthy introduction, let's take a look at this very subject: some of the most amazing modern church designs in the world. 

1. Church on the Water, Japan

This church is enclosed by glass looking out to the water. The view is incredible in every season. 

2. Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland

This church, although it has elements of the medieval, was completed in 1986. 

3. Temppeliaukio (Rock Church), Finland

This church is literally built into a rock face so that the floor actually sits beneath ground level.  

4. St. Bartholomew's Chapel, USA

This is an amazing mix of tradition and modernity. 

5. Porciuncula de la Milagrosa Chapel, Colombia

Set into the lush forestry, this place looks like it's out of a surreal dream. 

6. Pantheon Nube, Spain  

Everything about this structure is incredible. 

7. Parish Church of Santa Monica, Spain

Is this from the future? 

8. The Church of Seed, China

This church was built to be harmonious with the mountain, and to appear rustic and austere but still welcoming. 

9. Holy Family Shrine, USA

The water that runs down the entryway trickles into a central chamber and is representative of a spiritual presence. Also, this place is just really pretty. 

10. St. Joseph the Betrothed Ukrainian-Greek Catholic Church, USA

This church has many elements of traditional Catholic architecture but with a distinctly modern feel. 

11. Leaf Chapel, Japan

This looks like a planetarium! 

12. East Park Mosque, Bahrain

This simplicity and minimalism is beautiful.

13. Thorncrown Chapel, USA

This looks like it's out of a fairy tale...

14. Rijeka Mosque, Croatia

This Mosque has been called one of the most beautiful religious spaces in Europe on several occasions...and right they are. 

15. Cathedral of Maringá, Brazil

Must. Go. 

Main image source: contemporist
Collage image source: 1. contemporist 2. designMENA


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