Monday, June 11, 2018

15 Clothing Struggles All Girls Go Through

When you're a girl, there's a lot of pressure to be up on the fashion game — a game that we can never really win. According to our critics, it's either too revealing or too grandma, too out-there or too blasé, too "girly" or not flattering to the "feminine figure." But there are some sartorial experiences that all women can agree on. So whether you love clothes or hate them, here are 15 clothing struggles that we've all experienced! 

1. The body-conscious dress that won't stay put

Sure, when you put it on it's mid-thigh, but once you've walked a block, it's up around your stomach.

2. When your bra strap keeps falling down 

3. When you're wearing a thong, but you keep picking it thinking it's a wedgie 

4. There are only two types of jeans: the ones that give you a muffin top and the ones with a waistband gap big enough to carry a small animal around in

And still, no matter how tight or loose the waistband is, the next denim dilemma is unavoidable...

5. Even once you've peeled those denim deathtraps off your thighs, getting them past the ankles is a whole other challenge 

6. When the "boyfriend Oxford" doesn't exactly fit like your boyfriend's 

No big deal, just try not breathing for the rest of the day, and I'm sure you'll avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

7. And of course, the ultimate betrayal:

The stab in the back (or ribs) by your most intimate friend who's always been there to support you.

8. That horrific moment when you see a 14-year-old wearing the same outfit as you 

9. The "Wow, it didn't look this see-through in the store" moment 

Courtesy of the deceptive changing room lights that make you look thinner and the clothes look thicker.

10. If you can find a pair of jean cut-off shorts that doesn't leave your cheeks hanging out, we're all jealous

11. The impossible task of taking off a shirt without smearing half your face on it

12. But even more difficult is getting it back on the rack without the change room girl noticing

13. There's the timeless question: shirt or dress? 

The answer is often dependent on what kind of underwear you're wearing that day.

14. It doesn't matter how many chest presses or pushups you do, it will always be there

You know what I'm talking about.

15. So maybe not every struggle in this article applied to you, but I know you've all experienced this one!


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