Monday, June 18, 2018

15 Famous Celebs Then And Now


Old school pictures inspire one of two things: Regret or awwwws.

Take Kim Kardashian up there, for example. Major awww, amirite? So imagine how it feels for these celebs when they have to look back at who they were before the world knew who they were. Well, now you can see where these celebs fall on the REGRET to AW scale.

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1. Four-year old future President Barack Obama learning how to ride a bike back in 1964.

2. Muhammad Ali when he was 12 back in 1954. You can already tell he was destined for greatness!

3. This was 19-year old Marilyn Monroe when she still Norma Jean working in the radioplane factory in 1945.

4. Sir Ian McKellen when he went to Cambridge University back in 1961.

Just a few decades later and he'd become the patron saint of the internet...

5. Before he became Severus Snape, Alan Rickman was just this 18-year old charismatic actor in 1964.

6. Before she was having Breakfast At Tiffany's and being a massive humanitarian, this was Audrey Heburn as a 13-year old teen in 1942.

7. Before he was the smartest person on earth and gripped by motor neurone disease, Stephen Hawking was this 12 year old.

8. Seven year-old George Clooney could not be beaming more at his dad.

9. 1989 Pamela Anderson back when she was 21 years old.

10. Then there's this future authoritarian leader of Russia: 8 year-old Vladimir Putin in a class photo in 1960.

11. The one, the only Frank Sinatra back in 1925 when he was ten.

12. This is 13 year-old Ben Stiller visiting New York with his dad, COMEDY LEGEND, Jerry Stiller back in 1978. 

13. Before he was running the free world, Theodore Roosevelt was this mean-mugging 18 year-old dude in 1876.

14. Paul McCartney, AKA The Beatles legend, when he was eight years old with his dad in 1950.

15. And finally this is Cuban President Fidel Castro when he was 17 playing basketball in high school back in 1943!

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