Friday, June 22, 2018

15 Hacks Perfect For Parents

Parenting is hard. If you're a parent, props to you. It takes a lot to take care of yourself, let alone a miniature human with no instruction manual. The good thing is that now we have the Internet, so parents can share their tips and tricks with each other rather than trying to figure it out on their own. Here are some awesome hacks to help you be a more efficient mum or dad! 

1. Make Monster Spray to soothe your child's worries. 

A Dad walked into a drug store and asked for "monster spray," a pretend product to help fend off monsters. While this may seem a little extreme for some parents (an alternative being to teach children that monsters aren't real), it helps the process along far more easily.

Spray under the bed, in the closet, wherever. Bedtime will be a breeze. Well, maybe not a breeze, but less of a struggle. 

2. Store pacifiers in takeout sauce containers to keep them clean. 

This obviously won't help when your toddler throws it on the floor, but hey.


3. Use a visual guide to prevent kids from taking too much toilet paper. 

"You shall not pass!" is such a cute idea.

4. Make no-melt popsicles with Jell-O to avoid the mess. 

Jell-O and juice will make your life exponentially easier. Who really wants to clean up purple stains from dripping popsicles?

5. Use an inflatable pool to corral your toddler. 

This only works if you didn't sire an escape artist. 

6. Use liquid bandage to create a temporary tattoo. 

If they get lost, they can use someone's phone and call you easily. 

7. Make it easier to transition off the soother with this trick. 

It is extremely important to keep these clean. I'd suggest using multiple soothers, and using them only once each unless you sanitize them. Check out the hack here.

8. Make baby food ahead of time and freeze in ice cube trays for individual servings. 

Check out how to make your own baby food here. 

9. Use a padlock to prevent kids from plugging things in. 

This works not only as a punishment, but also as a safety idea. 

10. Use a laundry basket system to make laundry day simpler. 

Organize by colors and type of wash needed as you go through the week, then when it's time to do laundry the sorting is already done!

11. Wash your munchkin in a laundry basket to make bath time safer and to keep toys from floating away. 

Do not leave your child unattended. Even though this makes bath time easier, it is not safe to leave a toddler alone in the bath.

12. Use a sticker to keep your toddler's shoes straight. 

This allows your kid to develop a sense of independence without the struggle of wearing their shoes on the wrong feet. 

13. Use two-by-fours and zipties to avoid drilling into a banister. 

This mom painted the two-by-fours white, since it was going to be there for a while. 

14. Keep a "sick bucket" for those dreaded 1 AM episodes.

Keep everything you'll need in one place. Check out the tutorial here.

15. Keep a kid-friendly itch relief spray on hand for those pesky mosquitoes. 

An all-natural DIY will save your butt this summer. Find the how-to here.


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