Friday, June 8, 2018

15 Men Ready To Break Out The Credit Card

Ladies, you know your man hates shopping. You know it and you make us do it anyway. It's all good, it's a fair trade-off for the fact that we put babies inside you and you have to push them (watermelon sized) out of your vagina (lemon sized)! Talk about a deal. Back to what we were talking about — shopping sucks and I want you all to know just how much we hate it, so that you know how much we love you!

1. Solidarity, brothers!

2. Mother? Is that you?

3. Every now and then, you learn something new about yourself...

4. There is a difference!

5. Just close your eyes and hand it over!

6. The mark of a true man!

7. When a man has accepted his fate!

8. I wanna be the very breast, like no one ever was!

9. Shopping with Dad in one picture!

10. A stroke of genius!

11. Bargains are in the eye of the beholder, amirite?

12. This completely encapsulates how we feel, as men, in the mall!

And now we turn the tables...

13. Invisible chair!

14. BABE! Can I borrow $17.98?

15. "Find me later, babe..."


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