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15 On-Set Secrets About 'Teen Wolf'

At Comic-Con, it was revealed that the upcoming season of Teen Wolf will be the final season! That's right! We have to say goodbye to Beacon Hills and the lovable characters after six seasons. I honestly can't believe the show is ending! But there's still a long time until Season 6 premieres – November 15th! Mark it in your calendars! So that means there's still a lot of time to rewatch the entire show again! There's even time to learn about all the really cool things that happen behind the scenes at Teen Wolf. Here are the 15 best on-set secrets from the supernatural show!

1. When Dylan O'Brien auditioned to play Stiles, he brought a blank piece of paper and his phone with a link to two of his YouTube videos!

OMG have you seen his YouTube videos?! He was so weird and goofy in them! Basically, he was perf for Stiles!

2. It takes four and a half hours to get Tyler Posey into full werewolf makeup.

Four and a half hours?! You can watch two movies in that time! 

3. The whole Teen Wolf cast are super close! The cast and crew go over to the showrunner's house to watch the season premieres! Oh, and he always orders pizzas for them!

This cast is just too damn cute. Look at them!

4. Only three people in the cast know Stiles' real name: Jeff Davis (the showrunner), Orny Adams (Coach Finstock) and Linden Ashby (Sheriff Stilinski). The fans only know that it starts with the letter "M"...

WHAT IS IT?! They better not reveal it in the series finale! I need to know now!

5. Dylan almost left the show because he just couldn't handle filming the Maze Runner movies and keep up with being in every single episode of Teen Wolf. He got so overwhelmed that he told Jeff that he had to quit! But good thing Dylan changed his mind!

What is Teen Wolf without Stiles?! What is life without seeing Stiles every episode?!

6. Remember when all the characters are writing their initials on the library bookshelf during their senior year? You'll see that Dylan decided to be rebellious and not sign S.S. He wrote "METS!!" instead!

7. The writers decided to write an episode where Scott gets a double-banded tattoo because the makeup artists were fed up with covering the real one that Tyler has!

8. Kira was only supposed to appear for one season but everybody on set fell in love with Arden Cho and LOVED seeing the chemistry between her and Tyler that they kept her on! 

THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT. Kira is a badass on the show! 

9. The black blood that appears on the show actually tastes like black licorice. 

Blood and black liqorice are both on the list of things that taste horrible. 

10. Tyler auditioned to play Jacob Black in Twilight! He didn't get the role but obviously it all worked out because he ended up playing a werewolf anyway! 

11. Crystal Reed was the first person to audition for the role of Allison! As soon as Crystal left the room, Jeff turned to everyone and said, "She's the one."

Okay I miss Allison A LOT. *SOBS* Why can't she still be on the show?! 

12. Holland Roden and Dylan both really want Stiles and Lydia to get together. Guys, they ship #Stydia hardcore!


13. The wolf nails look super sharp and scary, right? They're actually just made out of rubber. They're harmless!

14. Jeff said that out of all the supernatural villains, fans struggle the most with pronouncing "Kanima." He also said that fans are always mispronouncing "Malia."

Season 2 was my favorite because of the Kanima. Best. Supernatural. Villain. Ever.

15. The wolf howls on the show come from a completely different animal! They're actually gorilla noises! 

Wait, what?!

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