Wednesday, June 20, 2018

15 People Who Deserve To Be Unfriended

Sometimes I wish unfriending people in real life was as easy as clicking a button. It'd be nice to have the option to simply delete the friends you no longer wish to be associated with. It'd be cleaner than having to shun them, ignoring texts and calls. You'd hit the virtual unfriend button and poof, the person would disappear as far as you're concerned. That's the world I want to live. Anyway, enjoy the list. 

1. Right between the eyes

2. Way to rub it in

3. Heinous

4. This one speaks for itself

5. This is about the be a two for one 

Ruined a friendship and a wedding in one move

6. Accurate

7. Please stop

8. The moment you realized your friend was awful

9. Megan is helping no one

10. This is evil

11. Wow...


12. The best friend you wish you could turn off temporarily

13. That awful roommate you were paired with because you forgot to fill out your survey

14. That friend who thinks with their stomach

15. This is unforgivable 


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