Thursday, June 28, 2018

15 Rough Pics We Probably Shouldn't Laugh At

Are you having a bad day? Feeling a little under the weather? Never fear, I got you. 

Today is one of those days when I would rather not leave the safety of my sweet silky sheets. But alas, adulthood requires money, and money can only be made at a steady 9–5. That being said, many people are having a much worse day than I, so putting it into perspective helps me get it together before I miss my bus. Even so, I believe that the best cure for a bad case of the pity pouts is definitely having a good solid laugh at someone else's expense. So join me as I begin my journey of healing. 

1. Adulting can be hard.

2. And just like that, your day goes down the drain. 

3. Guess it's time for a new car. 

4. Looks like someone's not getting picked next time. 

Consider #8 a public service announcement for those who casually eat spaghetti while driving. 

5. And I thought my commute was awful. 

6. Looks like Scooby and Shaggy won't be solving mysteries anytime soon. 

7. Every rose has its thorn. 

Just like every night has its dawn.

8. Spaghetti's not a really a meal made for travel. 

#10 gives another meaning to the phrase "sunny with a chance of showers."

9. You might be late for work but at least your skin is silky smooth.

10. It's sunny with a chance of showers. 

11. Probably not as minty fresh as you'd expect. 

12. This guy's just dropping in. 

#15 is the equivalent to finding a spider in your shower. 

13. I hate when half of you is ready to go, but the other half ain't feeling it. 

14. Seagulls are savage!

15. I'd hate to see what would happen if there was a spider in your shower. 


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