Wednesday, June 20, 2018

15 Texts That Are Just Plain Cold

Whether it's an annoying ex who won't leave you alone, or you just need to take someone down a peg, sometimes a "cold" text is your only choice. How else are they going to get the message? No one can be warm and fuzzy all the time, and let's be honest, do you really want them blowing up your phone all day? Nooo.

Take note from these icy cold texters:

1. Not enough cares to even type in full

2. It's a good letter to think about

3. Congratulations, I don't care

4. No, I will not go on Snapchat

5. Cold. Hard. Truth.

6. How to answer the question without answering anything at all

7. So cold, but it still burns

8. How to properly use Emojis

9. Stopping before it even starts

10. And another example

11. Bye Mom, go struggle by yourself

12. Cold level: mom

13. Just no

14. It sounds sweet, but then...

15. It's called tactical ignoring

Collage source: theCHIVE


Author: verified_user