Tuesday, June 19, 2018

15 Things To Know About Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt became a household name after she starred in The Devil Wears Prada with Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep. I mean, I've seen that movie at least a dozen times and I'm still as obsessed with it as when it came out. After that, Emily shot to the top with box office hits like Looper, Edge of Tomorrow and The Girl on the Train. And now she's going to be in Mary Poppins and I can't wait! Here's everything you need to know about the lovely Emily Blunt.

1. She grew up with a speech impediment but as soon as she started acting in school plays, it went away! 

She said she never understood the connection but even practicing new accents helped! 

2. Despite sharing the same last name, Emily is not related to James Blunt, the British singer. 

“I think people think that because we have brown hair and blue eyes we look similar so we have to be related.”

3. Before she met her husband John Krasinski, Emily dated Michael Bublé for three years.

4. While Emily and Michael were dating, he confirmed that he wrote the song "Everything" for her. 

And it's the cutest song ever. 

5. Emily admitted that on the set of The Devil Wears Prada, her and Anne were always hungry on set because they were both told to lose weight in order to play their characters. 

Emily and Anne were on strict diets to maintain the rail-thin "super-model" look.

6. After Emily filmed her first scene with Meryl Streep for The Devil Wears Prada, Meryl told Emily that she should "be given the film carbon copy rather than steal the movie." 

That's high praise coming from the one and only, Meryl Streep!

7. When she was 16 years old, Emily was offered a record deal after a producer saw her perform in the musical Bliss at the Edinburgh Festival. 

She turned it down but it ended up all working out...

8. Emily got to sing in Into the Woods when she was cast as the Baker's wife. 

9. Emily has been in the consideration for three different Marvel characters: Black Widow, Peggy Carter and Captain Marvel. 

10. Emily met her husband John through mutual friends. Apparently, they both knew that they were going to be together as soon as they met!

She's also mentioned in interviews that he tried to hide how much he was obsessed with The Devil Wears Prada because he didn't want to scare her off!

11. She has two daughters with John. Emily said that the two of them are obsessed with old lady names so their daughters are called Hazel and Violet. 

Aww! I love those names!

12. She and John are neighbors with Jimmy Kimmel and they are always in a prank war!

Seriously, it's epic. One year, John and Emily decorated Jimmy's house when he was out. Jimmy came back to ridiculous and huge Christmas decorations that took forever to take down!

13. Emily did all her own stunts for The Edge of Tomorrow. The only time she used a stunt double was when she came back for reshoots and she was already pregnant by then! 

Remember that scene where she's lifting her whole body off the mat? Yeah, that was all Emily! 

14. Stanley Tucci, her co-star in The Devil Wears Prada, is her brother-in-law. Emily introduced him to her sister and now they're happily married!

15. She said she loved working on the set of The Edge of Tomorrowwith Tom Cruise. But she did say that the metal suit she wears in the movie weighed 85 pounds. When they told her she would be doing all her action scenes wearing the suit for five months, she started to cry. 

Never change, Emily! Keep being awesome. Leave a COMMENTand tell us your favorite movie of Emily's!


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