Tuesday, June 19, 2018

15 Times You Were So Sleep Deprived That You Actually Found Your Kids' Antics Funny AF

Babies and kids are the cutest, funniest, and craziest little humans! 

They get themselves into all sorts of trouble...and sometimes, just sometimes, it's enough to make you burst into laughter.

Now, when you're down on your sleep and about to weep, that's when things tend to get even sillier!

That's when these hilarious examples of kids doing the darnedest things become next-level, knee-slapping funny. Yes, you might even be sleep-deprived enough right now to slap your knee.

It's okay. Sit back, relax for the few seconds you have, and enjoy some good-natured humor. 

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1. You know you should step in and doing something...

...but you're doubled over laughing and wondering how you ever had two kids that are so completely different from each other. 

2. When you leave the room for a split second and return to this.

Come on, kid. I tried. I really, really tried. 

3. When your kid comes home complaining about his mark...

...and you just really can't even. 

4. When you ask him to help you clean up...

...and turn around to see him like this. 

5. When you walk into the room and find your children like this.

You know you should run and grab him, but the laughter's coming on a little strong today too. 

6. When you "lose" your kid at the store and find him here, doing this. 

Got to give this kid credit for ingenuity.

7. When the house is just a little too quiet so you start searching around...

...and find this

8. When you tell your kid to put their raincoat on and look down to see this

Technically, she's not wrong...

9. When you think he's drawing you a pretty picture...

...but really he's just sniffing crayons. 

10. When you realize it's not blood...

...and you have a lot of cleaning up to do. 

11. When you find your child like this.

At least nap time is taken care of then. 

12. When you find your children like this

You know you need to teach a very important lesson, but first, burst into laughter. 

13. When you realize you won't be heading upstairs anytime soon...

...or ever again if he has anything to do with it. 

14. When you walk into the washroom and realize you're already out of toilet paper...


15. When you know you should be comforting your kid who just totally hit himself in the face...

...but you're choking back laughing tears while he's crying too. 


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