Saturday, June 2, 2018

15 Ways The Past Can Sneak Up On You

We all get nostalgic from time to time, and it's easier than ever to get back to the stuff you went crazy over as a child. Sometimes, we'll watch our old favorites again and wonder how we ever could have liked this crap, but sometimes it can actually hit us on a whole new level now that we're older.

But with either of those, we know what we're getting into. But what happens when your nostalgia hits without warning? That sudden rush of "oh God, I haven't thought about that in years" is the purest form of nostalgia there is, and hopefully, we'll be able to hook you up.

Let's have a look at these 16 memes that take us back in ways we didn't expect and ride that time machine 'till the wheels fall off.  

1. Teacher can't tell you to shut up when you're doing stuff like this.

You knew you had a good one when she was so confused she forgot to yell at you.

2. When storytime needed that extra "oomph," it was time to bring this out.

3. This always came out of nowhere.

I mean, that move seemed so safe when The Rock did it.

4. I guess getting old won't be so bad if we can do this.

5. Haven't thought about this song in like a decade but can remember it better than people's birthdays.

And of course, we only find that out when we try to sing something else and mess it up. 

6. No matter where we are in life, there's always room for a chill guy painting pictures. 

7. Man, there's nothing worse than craving a food that doesn't exist.

I guess you could make spaghetti tacos easily enough, so there's that.

8. Pac-Man thought he was slick 'cause his game had no ending but now look at him.

9. Hahaha, why did this always seem like such a big injustice?

10. Who knew Monsters Inc. had so many unanswered questions?

11. Man, it's a good thing they didn't have YouTube when we were acting hard at 12.

Nobody would ever take us seriously again.

12. If they got stuff on VHS in there, it might as well be prehistoric.

13. Oh man, this was definitely how my tests went.

Get hung up on some little detail and realize you have like an hour to do like 90% of the thing. Let's just say I don't miss school, haha.

14. If the Fresh Prince couldn't pull this stuff off, what hope do we have?

At least our terrible fashion choices are locked away in old photo albums. 

15. I didn't think there was a way to make the Gorillaz better, but here we are.


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