Wednesday, June 6, 2018

16 Funniest Rejections Of All Time

There's always that text creep, that annoying ex, that persistent nude requester, or worse, that persistent nude sender. But there's also that perfect line, or sometimes that perfect picture, to shut them down and send them out of your digital world forever.  If you've ever been plagued be the aforementioned, take note, because these 17 people have mastered rejection by text, not to mention some wonderful uses of bananas and balding Ariana Grandes.

1. This person who called it how they saw it

2. Sometimes simple is best

3. This not-so-enthused response

4. When a balding Ariana Grande expresses what can't be put into words

5. Taking it a little further just to make it hurt a little more

6. This person who went to the extent to explain their friend zone tactics

7. This very graphic response to unwanted nudes

8. And when they still didn't get the hint, the kielbasa stock image really did the trick 

9. Sometimes the tables turn

10. Compliments can be dangerous

11. This troll who used Micheal Cera and his dirty teen stash to ward off creepy texters 

12. The closer we get to the stash the better it gets

13. This shut down from the wrong number and seven other strangers

14. One word, three letters is sometimes all you need 

15. This person and the picture of their beautiful face 

16 This perfect response to the text from the ex

Main image via Funny Junk / coloredundies

Collage image via imgur / piratelolo


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