Tuesday, June 26, 2018

16 Landlords Who Don't Understand Home Repair

One of the best experiences of my life was finally getting out of my parents house and venturing out on my own. Along the way, you pick up plenty of real-world skills, and renting your first apartment might just top the list. You get to understand the little things in life that you probably took for granted. Paying bills, mowing the lawn, and yelling at punk kids skateboarding on the sidewalk all become the norm.
But what really stood out were the countless arguments with landlords.
It's a two-way street really. They expect you to treat the house with respect, because you live there and are paying your hard-earned money to continue living there. On the flip side, you expect them to actually take care of their property when problems arise.
These landlords aren't exactly fulfilling their end of the bargain, much to the dismay of the hapless tenants who have no choice but to publicly shame them on the internet. 

1. That's one way to keep unwanted guests away

2. This is how they solve the water problem in Flint

3. The best way to ensure your tenants never have too many people over 

4. "What is this? A shower for ants?" –Derek Zoolander, probably 

5. You know an installation was doomed to fail when you feel the need to film it 

6. You said you wanted a bathroom with a view 

7. On the plus side, you'll save a ton on your heating bill

8. Good thing they got the ones for a "heavy flow"

9. Plot twist: neither one does anything

10. Twice the electricity bill with zero actual benefits. Sounds about right

11. Duct tape. Mankind's second greatest invention

12. Seems like a totally appropriate place to place water

13. You live by yourself with 7 cats. What kind of privacy could you possibly need? 

14. "This is what it was like when you moved in" –every landlord ever

15. Moving day just got a whole lot worse

16. This dude's playing Mouse Trap in real life 

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