Saturday, June 2, 2018

16 Students Living That Hard Knock Life

Kids, it doesn't matter whether you're in university/college, high school, elementary... heck even kindergarten threw us some curve balls. Adult students, I'm talking to you too! Schoolhas that claustrophobic undertone that makes our heart beat a little faster as we reminisce on the tough times, or remember that we're still in the midst of this learning prison.
I'm not lying when I tell you I frequently have nightmares involving me realizing I accidentally never graduated. (NOOOOOOO!) Then I realize Oh wait, I did graduate, and even that is irrelevant because a Bachelor of Arts in this day and age is as useful in acquiring a job as me actually finding true love on The Bachelor. 

1. No idea.

Do you mind? I'm kind of in the middle of something.

2. I hope they find it.

3. Once more won't hurt...

4. Nicely done.

100% original.

5. Those are some detailed notes.

6. Find a new partner.

7. Something I like to call "winning at life."

8. Not all heroes wear capes.

9. I usually skip the middle two steps.

10. Just give him space.

11. Thanks, Dad.

12. Maybe it would have worked if that sentence was grammatically correct...

13. Still looking...

14. We all are.

15. She's smarter than she thinks!

16. Celebrities, they're just like us!

Singing about struggles that definitely involve exams and not relationships...

Hang in there kids!


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