Friday, June 22, 2018

16 Ways To Upgrade Your Old Jeans

I can think of two pairs of jeans off the top of my head that I basically never wear. It's not that anything is wrong with them, but more like I find them to be a little boring. Fortunately, there are many great DIYs out there for when it comes to sprucing up our old, lackluster jeans. You don't need to have an art background to achieve these looks, and the materials needed for each style are pretty minimal. So if you're feeling tired of your plain, blue jeans, read ahead for a list of 16 ways to revamp your denim! 

1. Stenciled 

The options are endless! All you need for this look is a stencil of your choice and some fabric paint or spray. 

2. Studded

Pockets, seams, cuffs... Poke studs through the fabric wherever you'd like and bend down the stud arms on the inside of jeans. 

3. Tie Dye 

You can achieve this look by using a tie-dye kit or by hand-painting on dye with a sponge! This design works best on light-wash or white jeans. 

4. Lace 

Feminize distressed jeans by flipping your pants inside out, and sewing pieces of lace over rips and tears! 

5. Animal Print

Achieve this wild look by painting patterns in bleach on your jeans! 

6. Patchwork 

Get this adorable look by sewing different swatches of fabric onto the inside of distressed jeans! Sewing not your forte? Use fabric glue instead. 

7. Polka Dots 

This look is so cute, and so simple! All you need is a circular sponge and some fabric paint. 

8. Pom Pom Pockets 

This might be my favorite look of the list. Just sew pom pom trim (you can find this at any fabric store) to the seam of your pockets and voila! 

9. Zippers 

Instantly bring some edginess to your jeans with this look. All you'll need is a seam ripper, fabric fuse tape, and two zippers of your choosing! 

10. Distressed 

To get this fun, relaxed look, just rough up a pair of plain jeans using sandpaper, scissors, and tweezers to pull threads loose. 

11. Ombré

To get this great, faded look all you need is water, bleach, and a bucket for soaking!

12. Sequins

Achieve this glam, girly look by sewing sequin fabric onto the back pockets of your jeans! 

13. Splattered

This Jackson Pollock-inspired look is all the rave in celebrity denim. Simply splatter different colors of fabric paint onto plain jeans and watch them come to life! 

14. Striped

Get this Beetlejuice-inspired look using painter's tape, fabric paint, and a paint brush or sponge! 

15. Cool Cuffs 

I love this idea. Just sew American flag-printed fabric onto the inside of your jean bottoms, then roll up and show off your cuffs! 

16. Fringe

This boho-inspired style can be dressed up or dressed down. Transform plain jeans into this look with a seam ripper and fabric shears! 


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