Saturday, June 9, 2018

17 Simple Things You've Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life That Take Seconds To Fix

Stop messing around and get your life together. 

1. Your system for loading a dishwasher is totally wrong.

2. Smartphone in a Ziploc bag

This protects it from various things (e.g., water, beach sand) while being usable!  

3. Haven't you figured out that you should fold your towels into thirds not in half?

4. How old are you? Learn how to fold your sheets already.

5. Can't you even hang up your sweaters properly?

6. Clean your paintings properly and grab a bagel.

See how clean it is now?

7. You can't even use a search engine right? I feel sad for you.

8. Stop throwing out reusable water bottles - that defeats their purpose. Clean them the right way.

9. Stop making a mess of everything and learn to chop onions already.

10. And peel your oranges better too.

11. Quit wasting your time and remove glittery nail polish properly.

12. Cutting cake all wrong

16. Stop wasting time threading a needle and use some hairspray. 

17. THIS is how you should be peeling a mango


Author: verified_user