Sunday, June 3, 2018

19 Really Strange Bathroom Moments

The bathroom is the most private place in existence, or at least it's supposed to be. It's home to some pretty weird things, like biological needs, popping zits, and whatever else you do in the privacy of those four walls. When that door's closed, all bets are off. Except when you're in a public bathroom. Keep it normal in there, please. I'm begging you.

Of course, there are people who do what they want in a public bathroom anyway. And because of that, here are 19 strange bathroom moments you can never unsee:

1. What the?

2. Something tells me no one will be eating Filet-O-Fish for a while

3. Your eyes aren't deceiving you - that's Yo-Yo Ma

4. When Kesha visits Walmart...

5. Buckethead pays a visit to the ladies' bathroom

6. That. Burger. Is. Touching. The. Floor.

7. I feel SO BAD for whoever has to clean this

8. When the internet can't wait

9. Wakka wakka what?

10. Well that was unexpected

11. Meanwhile at Walmart

12. Public bathroom meet hair studio

13. Catflush

14. I have a feeling he'll say yes

15. Only in Russia

16. And I present to you, the most disgusting thing ever seen: BARE FEET in a public bathroom

17. You know you're drunk when...

18. I...literally...can't...even...

19. Impromptu head shaving while in underwear because that's what you do in bathrooms

I'm scarred for life.

Collage sources: 1) imgur | reddit/u/DoctorOrEngineer 2) Daily Picks and Flicks 3) Team Jimmy Joe


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