Friday, June 29, 2018

24 Struggles All Girls Know

Whether it's your contour makeup not blending it quite well or the fact that your sisters constantly steal your clothes, the struggles every girl can relate to are REAL. At least we're all in solidarity together.

1. Anyone with curls understands this.

The memories!

2. Me 24/7.

Hey, it's all about the effort, right?

3. The eternal battle inside of me.

Yep, sounds about right.

4. I know this song and dance well. 

And I'll never learn.

5. This is exactly who I think I am.'s who I KNOW I am.

6. It is a HARD life.

And someone's got to do it.

7. You've got to do your research.

Literally me on every single date.


If I had a dime for every time I told my partner to just hold my hip, I'd be a rich woman. Never touch the belly. It do things.


It's like you don't know me at all. 

10. Whatever, I'm fabulous.


11. To know my lashes is to know me. 

Fake lashes are the windows into a girl's soul. That's the saying, right?

12. No truer picture has ever existed.

It me! It me!

13. I'm shuddering at how real this is. 

I should clean out my purse. HAHA, yeah right.

14. Looks familiar.

Too familiar, in fact...

15. Morning routine.

It's like my body knows what my mind wants.

16. This is the struggle of every girl everywhere. 


17. Sometimes this is way more fun than actually getting ready and going out.

Nothing gets me more prepared to nap than a nice hot shower. Maybe an episode of Jeopardy, too.

18. This hits a nerve.

I am the QUEEN of doing this. The only solution is to become a nice person who doesn't talk behind people's backs, which is no fun.

19. "If I keep my face neutral, they won't know about the extra three shots I took before the ceremony."

Guys get to act as drunk as they want. We have to channel best supporting actress.

20. And when that student loan money hits your bank account, this is almost impossible not to do.

If I have any money at all, I'm throwing it to crowds of people, to retailers, to anyone who wants it.

21. This is me, even if the event is a wedding.

Why don't we put more effort into designing fancy sweats? Wait, don't steal that idea, I feel a vision coming on.

22. We like to think we're really great supports for our girlfriends, but deep down it's all about blackmail.

But, like, I mean the nice kind of blackmail that everyone's okay with.

23. Not gonna lie, I'm stressed out and drinking tea at this very moment.

And my problems are slowly, albeit temporarily, melting away into oblivion. "Oblivion" is what I named the place my repressed feelings go.

24. Uh no, it's a natural tan. Why do you ask?

WHOOPS. Secret's out.


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