Wednesday, June 20, 2018

8 Celebs With The Most Dramatic Weight Loss


I feel like one of the most common dreams in the entire world is to become rich and famous. Come on, everybodywants to be a celebrity at one point in their life.

But trust me, it's not always as great as it seems. How many times have you seen your favorite celebs taking some heat for not looking absolutely perfect at all times? And if you're ever having a bad day you might as well just stay in your house because the minute you're spotted, your photo will be all over the internet. Many celebs have admitted how hard it is to live life in the spotlight, especially when you have insecurities. But some of these celebs have overcome their insecurities and showed the world that they're in control of their lives. Check it out.

1. BEFORE – Jennifer Hudson made a name for herself as a contestant on American Idol.

She didn't win, but her career skyrocketed regardless.

AFTER – Over the years, Hudson has lost a ton of weight and is now a spokesperson for Weight Watchers.

2. BEFORE – Drew Carey is a very funny comedian who was once famous as the chubby host of Whose Line Is It Anyway.

AFTER – Drew now hosts The Price Is Right and has lost a ton of weight by eating right and exercising! He event went down 10 pant sizes!

3. BEFORE – Kelly Osbourne became a household name when her family became the subjects of one of the first reality TV shows in history, The Osbournes.

AFTER – Kelly looks amazing now! She lost over 50 pounds and has never looked better!

4. BEFORE – Star Jones used to be a host on The View, and she often discussed her weight loss struggles with viewers.

AFTER – Star took an alternative approach to boost her weight loss. She admittedly underwent bariatric surgery, which effectively reduces the size of your stomach.

But it's not as easy as it sounds – patients who undergo the procedure need to keep the weight off themselves.

5. BEFORE – This iconic celebrity gossiper made his fortune telling celebrity secrets on the internet as Perez Hilton. But you'll barely recognize him today.

AFTER – Perez Hilton looks amazing! Seriously he doesn't even look the same.

6. BEFORE – Seth Rogen made the world fall in love with him due to his overall average look and attitude.

He was the chubby lovable nobody that everybody wanted to cheer for.

AFTER – Seth lost a load of weight for his role in The Green Hornet. The film may not have been great, but at least it helped Rogen get healthier and stay healthier!

7. BEFORE – Preciousstar Gabourey Sidibe has always struggled with her weight. But she's recently vowed to take control over her body and her hard work is starting to pay off!

AFTER – She's dropped 50 pounds and plans on losing even more. You go girl!

8. BEFORE – Everybody loves Al Roker, and many fans were concerned for his health as he seemed to continuously gain weight.

AFTER – The once 340-pound Roker has lost more than 140 pounds over the years! And the best part is – he's kept the weight off!

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