Thursday, June 21, 2018

Artist Stacks Thousands Of Crayons To Make Works Of Art

I am not skilled when it comes to art: painting, drawing, and sculpting are all things I don't do well. My crayon game, however, is pretty good! Ever since I was a kid, I have loved drawing with crayons in my coloring book. Even now, when I go to a restaurant and there are crayons on the table, I'm always scribbling something random. I love crayons because you can do so many unique things with them, like melting or carving them. Christian Faur, an artist, has found an even more unique way to use crayons to create incredible art. Instead of melting them or drawing with them, he stacks them in an amazing way, and the results are stunning! 

The Artist 

Christian Faur is the man behind the crayon. He arranges thousands and thousands of colorful, handmade crayons into beautiful works of art. The coolest thing about his crayon art is that it appears to look different from all angles. 

1. Zigzag Art 

This is seriously so awesome! I love how the crayons are stacked in a zigzag formation. It looks like it's a black and white photograph, but it has a pop of color. If you have trouble seeing the image, squint your eyes and it will look clearer. Check out #6 to see the same artwork created with different crayons. 

2. Crayons 

These crayons are ready to get in formation. Look how many there are. There are so many different shades of pink, too! 

3. Watermelon 

Whoa! This looks amazing! Also, that's a seedless watermelon. Can I have it? 

4. Lifelike 

This looks very realistic. It's amazing that arranging crayons can result in such a detailed work of art. Even her tattoo and cigarette look real!  

5. Lemon

The different shades of yellow crayons make it look exactly like a sliced lemon. Anybody want lemonade? 

6. Multicolor portrait 

I love all the colors! Christian Faur used the same reference photo as in #2, but created this art using a different arrangement of colors. The pink block of this piece of art is my favorite because you can see all the different crayons that make up that one block. Orange, yellow, and blue are just some of the colors that pop out at me. So cool! 

7. Watch how he does it

This is amazing!

This artist has tons of patience when it comes to his crayon art. It's amazing that he has an idea for what colors to use, too. Amazing! 

What do you think about this art? Comment to let us know! 


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