Friday, June 22, 2018

Everyone Has Been Eating Burritos All Wrong But We Have The Solution

I don't know a single soul that doesn't love burritos. It's surprising that people still eat their burritos totally wrong, though, and they still love em'!

You should definitely check out these steps that ensure you are maximizing your burrito experience.

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This is a sight that we all have grown to love. The ol' silver bullet.

We all know what awaits us inside...

Nope. Cute, but nope.

That's more like it! 

Did you know that you're likely eating a burrito all wrong?

Yes, really.

So, you've unwrapped your burrito... STOP right there! You've already made your first mistake.

I'm sure you're quite familiar with the leaking.

Keep the burrito wrapped up.

This will keep your burrito structurally sound and keep some of that mess in.

Stand your burrito up. 

This will prep you for proper unwrapping...

As you eat your burrito, unwrap the foil as it stands.

Keep ripping the foil progressively as you work your way down the burrito.

When you take your first bite, don't try to fit the entire end of the burrito in your mouth at once. Bite the edge and work your way over.

Don't use a knife and fork, you'll regret it!

Destroying the structure of the burrito will only make the juice and ingredients go everywhere. Plus, the simplicity and efficiency of the rolled up and wrapped burrito is just better. 

There you have it! Try these tips next time you buy one of those silver bullets. 

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