Saturday, June 2, 2018

Exercising 4 Hours After Learning Something Can Help You Remember It Better

Science is full of glorious, glorious things. It presents us with so many opportunities by creating new forms of technology, such as devices like the internet! Aside from tech, science is constantly learning more and more about everything, such as the human body. Have you ever been studying for something or just trying to remember something new? Well don't worry, because scientists have found a new way to help you remember things more easily. The downside? It'll take a bit of moving on your part!

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It looks like exercise is a bit more useful than we believed — it might be the key to helping us remember things.

A new study has shown that there may be a potential link between exercise and memory, but it's definitely not what you've heard before. 

Scientists separated people into three groups and tested long-term memory. 

The three groups consisted of a group that exercised immediately following a learning session, one that exercised four hours after the session, and a third group that didn't exercise at all.

Surprisingly, the group that performed the best was actually the group who performed exercise after a delay.

So, what does that mean for learning? You'll probably want to do some form of exercise about four hours after learning something, especially if you want to remember the most detail.

The scientists will be taking their experiment to a larger sample size and attempt to learn how the timing of exercise influences memory. Well, it looks like we better get out there and start moving, though!

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