Monday, June 4, 2018

Hairdresser Uses Nutella And Condensed Milk To Dye Woman's Hair

I have wanted to change up my hair color for the past couple of years. If I could, I would totally go bleached blonde. Maybe even jet black? All I know is that I just want to change up my hair. The only thing that is holding me back is the damage that the hair dye will do to my hair. Do you know how long it took me to grow my hair? I can not risk it. Thankfully, one hairdresser came up with a damage-proof way to color your hair. It's very odd, and I'm also super intrigued. Keep reading to learn about this yummy hair dye!

Can we all agree that Nutella is the best? 

My mouth is watering. 

 Everyone loves it! 

It's so yummy, and it's delicious on toast! 

And if you love desserts, then I'm sure you love condensed milk too, right? 

You can make yummy treats out of it. 

Do you know what you can also do? 

You can dye your hair with those ingredients. Sounds wild, but one hairdresser actually did it. 

First, the hairdresser colors her hair with dye. 

Don't worry, the sweets are coming up next. 

Instead of using purple shampoo, he uses Nutella! 

Next comes the condensed milk. 


I'm so confused! 

How did someone even come up with this idea? 

Her hair looks so sticky and also yummy! 

I can't decide on which one it is. 

I can't even with how beautiful the results are. 

When asking about how long Nutella dye will last in her hair, the hairdresser said, "If you want a light caramel color, it can last around two or three weeks. But if you want it darker and are willing to leave the chocolate on longer, it will last longer." 

He also said that Nutella makes the hair look shinier. Good to know. 

Hmm, I have an idea. I do have some Nutella at home. 

Maybe I'll try to DIY this. 

I'm still kind of confused, tbh. 

Would you color your hair with Nutella? Comment to let us know! 


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