Friday, June 1, 2018

Man, It Feels Good To See I'm Not The Only One

No matter what cool trailblazers we think we are, we're eventually gonna have some little moments where we feel a little self-conscious about the things we do. This can definitely come up if we find ourselves getting into a habit that we have a hard time explaining and we never see anybody else do.

Since we're not exactly looking for reasons to make everybody think we're weird, we end up keeping it to ourselves like it's some kind of secret shame. 

But then we hear one of our friends mention out of nowhere that they do it, and this sense of relief washes over us. Not only that, but we might find other members of the squad perking up with the same surprise that we're feeling.

It's a feeling that's hard to beat, and I hope that explains why I'm so excited to find out how much I can relate to these.

1. And no matter how many times I realize I can do it in like two seconds, it always seems like a massive chore at first.

Oh well, at least we get to keep reliving that "oh, I'm already done" feeling.

2. Sometimes, I do this just to show that pushy little autocorrect who's boss.

"Oh, you can't figure me out, huh? Then maybe you should just let me say what I wanna say, nerd."

3. Hahaha, I guess it's hard to tell the difference when they've already torn the statues of the supreme leader down.

Still, it might need more really high balconies to make big, grandstanding speeches from.

4. Yeah, I always feel a little disappointed when someone just cuts it off.

It's like a mini version of the cops shutting the concert down every time.

5. Oh yeah, we're on a mission to get some valuable intel.

That's what you get for not using a secure line, teach.

6. I guess this is the trade-off for having all those megapixels in the camera.

Is it better to take beautiful photos we can't keep or all the sketchy ones we could ever want?


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