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Michael Jackson's Daughter Opens Up About His Death And His Innocence

Michael Jackson was a huge part of my life. I grew up listening to his music every day, and I still know how to do the "Thriller" dance! So June 25, 2009 was a very sad day for me and a ton of other people. The whole world mourned the King of Pop that day. Michael's legacy lives on in his music, but also through his children: Paris, Prince, and Michael. And recently, Paris just did her first in-depth interview where she opened up about her dad's death, her biological mom, and her own struggles trying to move on after losing her dad. 

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Paris wasn't afraid to get candid about every aspect of her life. 

Paris revealed a lot about her childhood and what it was like growing up with a famous father.

"I just thought his name was Dad, Daddy," she said. "We didn't really know who he was. But he was our world. And we were his world."

According to her, life was great on the Neverland ranch! It wasn't always a place without rules. 

“We couldn’t just go on the rides whenever we wanted to," she explained. "And if we were good, every other weekend or so, we could choose whether we were gonna go to the movie theater or see the animals or whatever. But if you were on bad behavior, then you wouldn’t get to go do all those things.”

But the interview didn't just focus on the carefree childhood she remembered. She revealed that she believes her father's death wasn't an accident. 

In the interview, Rolling Stone said Paris believes that her father was murdered. 

"All arrows point to that. It sounds like a total conspiracy theory and it sounds [made up], but all real fans and everybody in the family knows it. It was a setup."

However, she doesn't give a specific answer about who could have wanted Michael gone. She does reveal that she thinks "a lot of people" would've wanted it. 

Unfortunately, life for Paris was extremely difficult after her father's death. She began hanging out with the wrong crowd and "was doing a lot of things that 13-, 14-, 15-year-olds shouldn't do. I tried to grow up too fast, and I wasn't really that nice of a person."

But now she's in a much better place!

Paris also opened up about how she has always believed that her father was completely innocent during the time when accusations were being thrown at him left and right. 

“Picture your parent crying to you about the world hating him for something he didn’t do. And for me, he was the only thing that mattered. To see my entire world in pain, I started to hate the world because of what they were doing to him. I’m like, ‘How can people be so mean?’”

And even though she lost her father, she formed a relationship with her mom, Debbie Rowe. "By the time my mom came into my life, it wasn't a 'mommy' thing. It's more of an adult relationship." 

Paris even realizes how similar the two are! She says that her and Debbie are "both very stubborn."

So how does Paris keep Michael in her memory? She revealed that she's devoted 9 out of 50 tattoos to him! 

“He’s brought me nothing but joy,” she says. “So why not have constant reminders of joy?”

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