Saturday, June 23, 2018

Moschino Is Selling A Dress That Looks Like A Dry Cleaning Bag Because Fashion Is Confusing

You know how part of Maybelline's tagline is "Maybe she's born with it?" Well, it feels like sometimes people are just born with impeccable fashion sense. Meanwhile, the rest of us are either studying really hard, faking it, or have given up.

But nobody needs to have great fashion sense to know that Moschino's new dress is straight-up weird.

We're living in an age where the beauty and fashion trends of the '90s are making a comeback.

As if reviving our overalls wasn't confusing enough, Moschino comes along and debuts a very interesting dress and calls it ~fashion~.

This new dress is completely sheer. 

Oh, and it also has "Free pickup and delivery" and "We heart our customers" printed on the slip-on cape.

That's just a nice way of describing the fact that THE DRESS IS LITERALLY A PLASTIC BAG THAT COMES WITH YOUR DRY CLEANING.

If you want to be fashionable, it will set you back around $900. Don't forget that you can DIY your own version when your dry cleaning comes back to you!

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