Friday, June 8, 2018

Mystery Man Feeds 150 Homeless Families For Thanksgiving

You're likely going to be diving into a face full of turkey, potatoes and gravy this week...which is awesome, no doubt. But every now and then we need a reminder that the things we take for granted, others see as a blessing.

Sure, you might not be able to save the world from its problems, but you can certainly help one or two people along the way. One Pennsylvania man is trying to do just that...

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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for many reasons.

First of all, it is the perfect time of year to mark the transition from fall to winter. Depending on where you live, it's the perfect time of year to light the first fire, too. Then there's the football, the food, and hanging with family.

The name Thanksgiving does imply two distinct things:

Thanks and giving.

You're meant to give thanks for what you have and give to those who don't have much. Sometimes, however, we forget the holiday's meaning in the rush of getting home on time and surviving Black Friday.

One "Mystery Man" in Pennsylvania certainly remembered the giving aspect of the November holiday.

He donated $22,000 worth of groceries to families in need.

"150 families. We started the first year, in 2008, with 30 families," narrated the anonymous donor. He spoke to Fox 29 about his donation but he doesn't want any public recognition.

Dedicated volunteers spent the day dropping off grocery bag after grocery bag of food.

The meals were brought to the Wissahickon Fire Company for the Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund — an organization which distributes groceries to families caring for sick children.

This donation is giving the impoverished options on Thanksgiving.

Instead of heading to a soup kitchen or, worse yet, not eating at all, many of Pennsylvania's homeless will have the opportunity to have dinner at home with their family.

The majority of families receiving these meals are families caring for sick children.

"You just told me something I didn't even know. That's fantastic knowing that's where it's going," said the man.

Mystery Man donates blindly to five different organizations.

He trusts that the people working for the organizations he gives food to are going to be responsible in handing out rations to the people most in need. I like this approach as it cuts down on the prejudice of who the meals are going to and the competence of the organizations getting the food.

Do you GIVE during the holiday of thanks and giving?

Tell us about how you go about making your community a better place to live during the holiday months. We'd love to get a conversation going that'll (hopefully) encourage people to give back.


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