Friday, June 22, 2018

People Who Love Glitter A Little Too Much

Ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of glitter! It's a perfect way to glam up your look. As much as I love glitter, there are people out there who love it so much more. I mean, aside from putting it on their face, they put it on their hair, too. That's crazy! Keep reading to check out these people who love glitter a little too much! 

Everybody loves a little glitter, but in this case, these people LOVE glitter. 

Like, LOVE! 

Glittery eyebrows on fleek! 

Well, this is a little odd. 

I guess glitter can go on any place that grows hair. 

Even though this is ridiculously dramatic, I really like it! 

I wouldn't do it, but I definitely love it from afar. 


I don't even want to know how hard it would be to get the glitter out. 

I love this look! 

So chic and dramatic. 

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