Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Secret Santa Surprises Walmart Shoppers By Paying Off $46K In Layaway Accounts

I think I can safely imagine what most of us would do with a spare $46,000.

But that's not what an anonymous Secret Santa decided to do!

On December 8, 2016, a woman walked into the Bedford County, Pennsylvania Walmart with a check for $46,000 and informed the staff at the layaway counter that she was there on behalf of a man who wished to use the check to pay off the store's layaway accounts. 

Turns out that was enough to pay off the accounts of 194 people!

Merry Christmas, indeed! Walmart staff spent the rest of the day calling the homes of those lucky recipients, who were happy to come pick up their Christmas surprises. Many want to know who their Secret Santa is, but he remains anonymous.

When shopper Christa Morton's daughter told her she had a message on the machine, she was worried it was bad news.

"Well, it's going to make you cry!" her daughter replied. But they were happy tears!

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