Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Caesar Salad Actually Has Its Roots In Mexico

When we think of our favorite types of food, we often refer to a nationality of some kind. If you love one Mexican dish, you will likely enjoy whatever else comes from that region of the world. 
Every once in a while, though, a dish that you think is from a certain country is from an entirely different part of the world. You might think that lasagna comes from Italy, nope, it's Greek. Cheesecake is American, right? Nope, Greek again.

What about the famous Caesar salad? Italian, right? Nope.... This article will fill you in on the actual origin of the world-famous Caesar salad.

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Take a moment to enjoy these beautiful Caesar salads.

Parmesan, so goooood.


But seriously, back to the story at hand here. If the Caesar salad didn't come from Italy, where did it come from?

The story of the Caesar salad actually begins in Tijuana, Mexico....

The story behind this delicious fan favorite is pretty interesting...

This is the actual birthplace of the Caesar salad.

Pictured here is the restaurant where Caesar Cardini, the restaurant's owner, created the beloved salad.

Here is the God of the Caesar, Caesar Cardini.

Rumor has it, in 1924, Caesar whipped up a random concoction of several ingredients that he had laying around his restaurant kitchen.

The ingredients were a bit different from what is in the salad today. Some were the same.

Romaine lettuce, garlic, Parmesan cheese, boiled eggs, olive oil, and...

Worcestershire sauce.  Really? More like Worst-ershire sauce.

Caesar's brother, Alex Cardini, modified the salad slightly two years later by introducing anchovies and called it the "Aviator Salad".

It is from this modified version of the salad that caught on and, eventually, turned into the classic Caesar.

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